Guidance & Healing with Irene


Guidance & Healing with Irene

Integration of Light & Holistic Bodywork through Energy Healing

Art & Play Integration


What is Art & Play Integration?


Art and play integration is the journey of reconnecting to one's inner child, letting their joy and original expression be the guiding light of one's own truth. This is the core element of this integration, in order to manifest one's highest reality.


What is the Importance of Inner Child Work?


The inner child is the gateway to your most genius self. It cannot tell lies as it is purely good and honest. It always knows your highest best. It is your connection to creation. If it was not given a proper, loving upbringing, its innocence is very easily deceived and can believe many lies about itself rooted from trauma, abuse, and neglect.

Any lies believed by the inner child become a systemic root of all core issues, conscious and unconscious, that create pain and suffering.

When the inner child is freed from lies and given loving nurturance, the adult self is able to remember as a reality their original radiance that the inner child was born as. With that original radiance one is able to transcend limitations, be fully connected to their truth and the universe, and manifest their dreams.


What Does a Session Include?


The client first identifies where they feel disconnected from their inner child within. We begin the session using the art form to express what that disconnection feels like. By making a visible, tangible piece of art that expresses the disconnection, room is made for the inner child to be heard, felt and understood. This process may take more than one session. Once the connection is established more sessions are necessary to deeply root the client's inner child so that there will be a long-standing, healthy relationship that is serving overall.


Each session is built around using the client's preferred art medium in order to bring out their inner child's most needed expression through guided exploration.


The different methods include: singing, movement/dancing, acting/role-playing, fine art, and writing. Any materials needed are included in the cost of the session.


All services, except massage, are $111.00 per hour. Packages are also available, as well as one-time scholarships.

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