Guidance & Healing with Irene


Guidance & Healing with Irene

Integration of Light & Holistic Bodywork through Energy Healing

Guidance & Counseling


~ Counseling... Aiding You On Your Journey ~


Spiritual Counseling

As a gifted intuitive guide who has lived beyond her 33 years, Irene has deep insight into life, its meaning, its lessons, and how to find grace in troubled times because of having overcome great adversity with her gift of powerful empathy. She channels Truth from higher realms while being warm, caring, honest and intelligent. Often times One just needs an ear and some solid advice. Irene knows what questions to ask and how to counsel One to their own truth. Her caring ear and gifted Presence is invaluable and life changing for the One's who seek to heal. She has the ability to help pinpoint the core of reoccurring issues to assist the client in revealing their hidden and unmet needs for further evolution.


Couples Counseling and Mediating


Interpersonal relationship with another carries the purpose of mirroring our own personal work and at times it can become difficult to successfully face these challenges coming from being the one who's triggered in the relationship. Often times, it becomes elusive to know what our own needs are and be able to get them met without causing harm to oneself or the other. Irene has experience in mediating and counseling couples through these unclear waters, allowing them to see from a deeper place in their heart and be more connected with their loved one and satisfied with the relationship.


Irene's Resources for Counseling


  • Social, emotional intelligence training
  • Non-violent communication
  • Intuitive ability to recognize emotional triggers and mental blocks
  • Personal experience and understanding


All services, except massage, are $111.00 per hour. Packages are also available, as well as one-time scholarships.

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