Guidance & Healing with Irene


Guidance & Healing with Irene

Integration of Light & Holistic Bodywork through Energy Healing

Shamanic Healing


"I would describe my experience with Irene as profound. As soon as we met I felt connected to her; she was so warm and after our hug we just started laughing! Magic was in the air.

Later on that evening I told her of my plight. A heaviness weighed on me and although I had changed my life drastically I felt I needed outside help. I was desperate and didn't know what to do. Irene kindly offered her gifts. The next day we met again and started our session by sitting. I closed my eyes. The sounds I heard felt like I was finally home. That's the only way I can describe it in this moment. Her hands touched me and I could feel an energy being sucked out of my body. After some time passed, she told me the session was complete.

When she shared what she had learned, her words resonated with me on a very deep level. The heaviness had lifted from my chest!!! I felt light, peaceful, and grounded. A sense of play and an extra excitement and confidence about my life have been with me ever since. Irene is magic.


- Natalie S.

Practicing Herbalist


What is Shamanic Healing

& What Benefits Can It Have For Me?


Every form of life, whether seen or unseen, has a frequency. Most of these frequencies are very subtle, yet very powerful and still undetectable by most people. They are of other dimensions and do not have application in the known world yet they reside here waiting until return to their Source. They need to be in service until then because everything serves a purpose. While in search for hosts to serve who carry a similar and mirroring frequency within them because of destructive and false belief patterns, they become attracted to each other and, since like attracts like, the host then unconsciously agrees to become the carrier of these other dimensional frequencies, or energies, so to further strengthen their own unconscious limiting beliefs, making an energetic bond with them.


Shamanic healers, such as Irene, require a unique and True gift of the sensitive to be able to detect these bonds and use tools to free the other dimensional frequency back to Source in the name of love from a protected space, while assisting the client to be able to become conscious of the false belief that attracted it and then upgrade to the truer version of themselves.


Irene uses very powerful vocal vibrations that actually cuts frequencies of other dimensions free to return them to Source and then collapse the wave pattern of the limiting belief that was supported by the other dimensional frequency to then call in what Is to replace it with the Light of Truth. Often times this creates a soul retrieval, where One's own truth was denied or repressed and sent away into the ethers for purposes of survival at some point in the past and the energy of their Truth which is the essence of their soul Is then called back to be reunited with the client and love of Self prevails unharmed.


All services, except massage, are $111.00 per hour. Packages are also available, as well as one-time scholarships.

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