Guidance & Healing with Irene


Guidance & Healing with Irene

Integration of Light & Holistic Bodywork through Energy Healing

Words of Thanks...

"I have received many sessions from Irene and each one has been unuiqe and very helpful to my healing and growth. She has the ability to see the things your hiding from yourself and target and remedy them with the precision of a surgeon and the gentleness of a mother with a little child. The style of healing is all her own, using a combination of bodywork, sound therapy, and psychology with insightful and intuitive wisdom and the feeling that whatever is needed to be released and expressed is in a safe loving and accepted environment. The first healing I received from Irene has sustained it's effect till this day having clarified a confusion within me that was never recognized until I met her, and was attended to and solved instantly within one session, this issue has never returned. She is a very loving and perceptive healer who will give her undivided attention to whatever it is you truly need, and no session is ever the same. I highly recommend Irene for your healing needs."

- Alexander G.

Professional Musician

"Irene is the best! I've received multiple services from her, including massage, hypnotherapy, and Akashic record readings. She's the first person I think of for all my healing needs. Her work is amazing and the various gifts she shares in her caring manner are extremely beneficial, always leaving me better than I was. Irene's understanding and compassionate nature make opening up easy and allows the healing process to unfold almost magically."

- Carolina K.

Consistent Client

"I had Irene do hypnotherapy with my son, Tristan, in order to help him find a healthier sense of empowerment when it came to behavior and holding a positive mindset. All the work was gentle and dealt with the subconscious, where many of our strong beliefs are held. She was wonderful to work with! Even Tristan had this to say, "I loved it. She helped me feel more relaxed and confident. I now realize I have the power to choose my attitude in any situation."

- Tristan (11 yrs old)

& his father, John

"There is just something special to say when you get referred by a colleague! That's what happened to my wife and I on our honeymoon. As you can assume by reading this I diligently selected a massage therapist by yelp reviews. However because of the rave reviews she had she was booked solid. This professional trusted Sandy Irene so much as to put her own reputation on the line and referred me to her.  IT WAS NOT A DISAPPOINTMENT! She was a total PRO and if I lived on the west coast I would be making appointments with her on a regular basis. Book her now and enjoy!"

- Jason K.

"Irene is as much a gift to humanity as she is a gifted. As a dear friend for the last 2 years, Irene has taken me through my Akashic Records on several occasions. In each instance, her ability to translate the fullness of the energetic message into through voice and words always delivers encouragement & insight. Even more, however, is that she both cares with her entire being and is gentle. This type of truth spoken into my life sheds light on the darkest corners of my mind & emotions. I’ve had much personal & relational healing thanks to Irene, but even more, I have a lifelong friend."

- Jason K.

Account Rep.

"I would describe my experience with Irene as profound. As soon as we met I felt connected to her; she was so warm and after our hug we just started laughing! Magic was in the air.

Later on that evening I told her of my plight. A heaviness weighed on me and although I had changed my life drastically I felt I needed outside help. I was desperate and didn't know what to do. Irene kindly offered her gifts. The next day we met again and started our session by sitting. I closed my eyes. The sounds I heard felt like I was finally home. That's the only way I can describe it in this moment. Her hands touched me and I could feel an energy being sucked out of my body. After some time passed, she told me the session was complete.

When she shared what she had learned, her words resonated with me on a very deep level. The heaviness had lifted from my chest!!! I felt light, peaceful, and grounded. A sense of play and an extra excitement and confidence about my life have been with me ever since. Irene is magic.


- Natalie S.

Practicing Herbalist

"Irene is a healer. Her healing hands and presence are a gift to anyone she encounters. I have been receiving massages from her for the past 13 years. Irene's massages are the best I've ever had. She is a skilled and evolved healer and I give my highest of recommendations!!"

- Jessica S.

Mother of Two

"I have gone to many mediums but Irene is different, she is the real deal and such a lovely beautiful soul inside out. She is so accurate and have a true intuitive knowing of what your soul needs to hear. She is professional but with a magical touch of timeless messages for your body, mind and spirit. Worth many visits!

- Hermine B.

Owner of Atmani Tours

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